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"We all had a deep and abiding faith in God

and feared doing nothing

more than doing something."

                                                                   James R. Mapp

Chance or Circumstance?

James R. Mapp's book of his memoirs was completed shortly before he passed on Juneteenth 2015 and made available for the first time during a book signing at the Rededication of the James R. Mapp Building on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in April 2016.

Since then, the book has received the prestigious INDIE Author Legacy Award as “Memoir of the Year” for 2017 and was also included with the 2017 Authors at the NAACP Author Pavilion during the 108th Annual NAACP Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The memoir tells a story of love of family and the arduous journey to achieve civil rights despite unrelenting threats, the bombing of his home and the financial hardship James R. Mapp endured during seven decades of community service.

IUniverse is the publisher and copies are available through IUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.