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"We all had a deep and abiding faith in God

and feared doing nothing

more than doing something."

                                                                   James R. Mapp

News Articles and Videos

6/12/1958: Negroes Ask Integration in 'Nooga - Kingsport News (Kingsport, Tennessee)

3/12/1986: Justia US Law - Mapp v. Bd. of Educ. of City of Chattanooga, Tenn., 630 F. Supp. 876 (E.D. Tenn. 1986)...view

12/14/1986: New York Times - Chattanooga School Integration Case Closed...view

3/21/2010: Chattanooga Times Free Press - Building Named for Local Civil Rights Pioneer...view

6/28/2013: Chattanooga Times Free Press - Minority Voters Left Unprotected by Supreme Court Decision?...view

1/18/2014: Daily Citizen/News - Mapp: ‘Keep the Dream Alive’...view

2/27/2014: Tennessee Human Rights Commission - James Mapp-Chattanooga/Hamilton Co. NAACP-Chattanooga Hearing: Status of Human Rights...view

6/18/2015: New York Times - Killings Add Painful Page to Storied History of Charleston Church...view

6/20/2015: - Obituary...view

6/21/15: Chattanooga Times Free Press - Chattanooga's James Mapp, Civil Rights Leader For All, Has Died...view

6/22/15: - James Mapp Was An Honorable And Noble Man - And Response...view

6/23/15: Chattanooga Times Free Press - James Mapp a Man Who Stepped Up...view

News Articles and Videos, cont.

10/14/15: Chattanooga Times Free Press - UTC Starts Repairing Abandoned James Mapp Building...view

4/15/16: UTC TV Studio - Mapp Building...view

4/26/16: UTC TV Studio - James R. Mapp Tribute...view

4/26/16: UTC TV Studio - James R. Mapp Building Rededication (With Viola Mapp Room Being Named)...view

4/28/16: UT Chattanooga - Rededication of the James R. Mapp Building...view

5/2/17: Chattanooga Life Styles - Mapp Estates: The Affordable New Subdivision in Brainerd...view

7/6/17: Book Synopsis - NAACP 2017 Author Pavilion...view

8/14/17: WTVC NewsChannel 9 - Exhibit Honoring Chattanooga Civil Rights Leader Opens Days After Chaos in Charlottesville...view

11/21/17: UT Chattanooga - James R Mapp Exhibit...view

12/20/17: UTC TV Studio - James R. Mapp Street...view

12/20/17: 12 News - City Renames Street to Honor Former NAACP President James R. Mapp...view

12/21/17: WTVC NewsChannel 9 - Chattanooga Street Named for Late Civil Rights Activist James R Mapp...view